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Do you buy any items?
— No, sorry. Consign & Design works strictly on a consignment-only basis. We reserve the right to deny any clothing that we do not wish to sell.

Do you take children’s clothes?
— We only buy and sell adult clothing. Sorry about that! 

Do you take prom dresses?
— Sometimes, depending on the style. Please feel free to bring your items in and we'll take a look!

Do my clothes have to have designer labels?
— Definitely not! We are willing to inspect all items that have been cleaned and are in good condition.

Do I need an appointment to bring things in for consignment?
— Yes. Please call 573-874-CHIC (2442) to schedule a convenient time to meet with us. Appointments are available from 11am to 3pm Monday through Thursday but we can always work around a busy schedule!

Do you take clothes by season?
— Items should be seasonally appropriate. Spring and summer apparel and accessories are accepted after February 15th. Fall and winter apparel and accessories are accepted after July 15th. Exceptions are made occasionally for large wardrobe liquidations!

Can I consign vintage clothing?
— Although we are not a vintage clothing store, we do accept chic vintage clothing!

Can I consign vintage jewelry?
— Definitely! Vintage jewelry in styles from fun & funky through divinely elegant. Jewelry is a Consign & Design customer favorite.

What if I only want to consign accessories?
— Not a problem! We would be happy to work with you to consign your non-clothing wardrobe items!

Is there a minimum and/or maximum numbers of items I can consign at one time?
— You may bring as many or as few items as you wish. We always appreciate a wide selection of upscale items!

How long do you keep my things?
— Most items are routinely left on the sales floor up to three months, unless sold. Some of our more exclusive luxury consignments may be given up to 12 months to sell. At the time of consignment, the employee assisting you will give specifics and consignment paperwork.

What happens to my things if they don’t sell?
— We give your items the ideal environment to be whisked off to a new home! If the items remain unsold, they are donated to a local charity. You may opt to receive donation documentation for tax purposes.

Do you take furniture and home decor?
— Unfortunately, we do not sell furniture anymore. However, we are always scouting for new home decoration items like artwork. 

Can I pay for my purchase by credit card?
—Yes! We accept VISA, MasterCard, Discover Card, and American Express. We, however, do not accept checks. Cash is always welcome!

Can I return or exchange items I have purchased?
— Sorry! All sales are final. Because all items are taken on consignment, we are unable to accept returns or offer exchanges.

Is shipping available if I live out of state?
— Yes. We will gladly ship nationwide. If you are making an online purchase, then shipping will be coordinated online. Please contact us for any other shipping information.

Do you offer layaway?
— Yes! Consign & Design offers a 90 day layaway plan for your convenience, as well as special layaway arrangements for furs. Please contact us for details.